What Really Happened? Alien Skin Reportedly Beat Up Spark TV’s Evelyn Mic

May 7, 2024
Alien Skin

Alien Skin

Alien Skin is in trouble once again after he reportedly beat up Spark Television and Galaxy FM presenter Evelyn Mic.

All this happened at Zzina festival that happened over the weekend with different musicians and media presenters available.

Alien Skin has widely been known for being arrogant and disrespectful when it comes to media personalities and other people in the entertainment industry.

The guys he moves with usually beat up people but nothing has ever been done to pay for his wrong deeds.

Some people like MC Kats have continuously called him out and told him to behave as he is not the only artistes in the music industry.

According to MC Kats, this time he is not minding about Alien Skin he is just disappointed in Galaxy FM bosses who have watched Alien Skim beat up their musician and haven’t done anything.

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He said it is time they do something about it because the career journalism is dieing away as no one is actually fighting for it.

“So @GalaxyFMUg  once famous sing for u for u free we do pr for you artist slapped your female presenter @EvelynMic_   

N u do nothing

Journalism has died coz of bribes @nahabwe u better than this really

How long will that artist be compared to your legacy n principles,”