Ashburb Kato Finally Exposed By Owners Of His Alleged Property

May 17, 2024

Ex blogger Ashburg Kato has been exposed by owners of his alleged property that he showed to the public early this week.

The owners said he just asked to be a care taker of the home since they are always in the city running their businesses and caring about the families.

Ashburg Kato used to have money when he was a blogger. Bobi Wine took him as a close friend and even brought him to his home around his wife and children.

But during the 2021 general elections he betrayed him by moving to the ruling party National Resistance Movement (NRM).

Unfortunately he didn’t get successful because his social media platforms were hacked and deleted because of his political stand out from opposition to ruling party.

Ashburg Kato disappeared for some time and recently it was recovered that he moved to the villages.  He showed his place which has turned out that it is not his.

Ashburg Katto Arrested For Coordinating Hacking

The owners are asking him to leave the place because he hasn’t taken care of it as it should be.

“Ashburg Kato is not the owner of the Kakiiri home that he is showing. It is my home that my dad left and we now want him out of that home,” Lady said