Canary Mugume’s Wife Sasha Speaks About Their Marriage Amidst Divorce Rumours

May 7, 2024

News anchor and news reporter Canary Mugume’s wife Sasha has spoken about their marriage amidst divorce rumours.

She said no one is supposed to stay in a marriage if it doesn’t benefit them and if they are not as happy as thought they would be when they got married.

Canary Mugume and Sasha Ferguson are one of the most loved celebrity couple. Everyone was happy for them as they spent a lot of time building their relationship.

When they welcomed their first child it was all happiness and people congratulating them for not only being a lovely couple but also being parents.

Two years after the marriage, Sasha is coming out and telling their fans that the marriage is not as easy as people think it is actually.

She said some people stay because they have children yet they are personally not happy. What matters most is the happiness of an individual.

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Sasha said she is not going to watch things become messy yet she can get her way out and live happily as she has always wanted in her life.

“I hear ladies say they can’t live a marriage because they have children. It is okay to leave that marriage especially if you’re not happy,” Sasha said