Bring Back Fille If You Can’t Help Her – MC Kats Tells Eddy Kenzo 

April 16, 2024
MC kats and Fille

MC kats and Fille

Legendary media personality and Mcee Katamba Edwin also known as MC Kats has demanded for his ex wife and baby mama Fille Mutoni.

He told the president of artistes Eddy Kenzo to return her if he knows he and the federation can’t actually look after her like they had promised.

The federation was formed last year and MC Kats was among the first people to join. Everything has been going on so well not until money came in.

Eddy Kenzo and his people had a requested money from government to help artistes to start up businesses be even look after their lives.

But when the money came in, it had so many issues surrounding it. Artistes are not allowed to have the money unless they were saving for some time.

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MC Kats who is the member had asked money to organize a concert for Fille in July. Surprisingly the money was denied from him.

In response to that, Eddy Kenzo said the federation has been looking after Fille. At the moment she is in rehabilitation center and they are the ones paying for her.

According to MC Kats, that is not a big deal. He said they should bring Fille back to him and he does other things after all he has been dealing with that for the past six years.

“Eddy Kenzo refused to give me money to organize Fille’s concert claiming they are looking after her. They should give her to me back I see what to do. I have been with her in rehabs for six years,”