King Saha Demands To Physically See Kabaka Of Buganda Or Protest

May 17, 2024

Singer King Saha real name Ssemanda Mansour has demanded to see the kabaka of Buganda Ronald Mwenda physically or he is going to protest.

He said they have an option of either using NUP president Hon Kyagulanyo Ssentamu to go see the Kabaka and later tell the people if he is actually okay.

The Kabaka has had issues with his health. Years ago he appeared in the public very sickly and that left very many of his people worried about him.

Every time he delays to appear in public, his people immediately think he is not doing so well and they want to see him and hear him speak up them.

According to King Saha, people have the right to know what is going on with their leader. And it is going to be worse if people were the traditional attires to the palace.

King Saha Refers To Himself As International Artiste

“Abakungu be Mengo, twagala kulaba Kabaka, wakili atukubire ka ‘Bye’. Oba, Kyagulanyi agende atukikilire, adde ayogere n’abaganda. Tugenda kwambala embugu, twekalakase paka nga tumulabye,” –King Saha

It should be noted it’s not only King Saha trying to ask for the public appearance of Kabaka.