Martha Mukisa Advises Ladies On How To Trap A Man In Bed

May 15, 2024

Singer Martha Mukisa has advised ladies on how to trap a man when they are in bed with them.

She said the only magic is to go very wild in bed and a man will never  leave them for another woman.

There are so many problems in relationships and the biggest problem is cheating or sleeping around with different partners.

Martha Mukisa said ladies are not supposed to feel less in relationships and for them to be secure in a relationship is to be with a man who appreciates them.

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She said if it is about bed, ladies need to be in control all the time and their confidence in bed is very paramount and they need to go all out.

“I advise  girls to go as wild as they can when they go for kwesapata. It is very important to keep a relationship very spicy and that is what ladies don’t count,”