Grenade Official Speaks About His Experience in Rehab At UNMF

May 15, 2024

Singer Grenade Officisl has spoken about his experience in a rehabilitation center at Uganda National Musicians Federation (UNMF).

He said it hasn’t been easy but he doesn’t even remember that much as he was very mad.

Grenade Official has been rumored to be drowning in drugs in multiple times. He always denied taking drugs not until he was taken in rehabilitation.

According to Grenade he has been  off the music in rehabilitation. He was taken their by Eddy Kenzo and it has helped him so much.

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The singer said in the beginning of it he was very mad and he couldn’t remember anything that was happening in his life at the moment.

He said the only memories he has are those of the last days he was in the rehabilitation center. And he is so glad that he went through it.

“was mad, i don’t remember my experience in rehab at UNMF,”  – Grenade Official