Did The Concert Flop? Anita Fabiola Speaks About Gabie Ntaate’s concert

May 18, 2024

Former media personality and now business lady beautiful am Anita Fabiola has spoken about the concluded concert of upcoming gospel singer Gabie Ntaate.

She said the concert was very successful despite the words that were spoken by some of the people that attended the concert.

Gabie Ntaate started singing when she left the job that was a television presenter at Spark Television.

The singer said she doesn’t think she she will ever work on television again because the job she is doing at the moment is God given and she is serving her God.

Yesterday she had a maiden concert which is her first ever concert in her music career.

But the concert wasn’t successful because most of the chairs were left empty. There are many celebrities that showed up to support her and they were defending her.

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According to Anita Fabiola, Gabie Ntaate’s concert was very successful and it being the first ever concert. The people that showed up are the ones that they expected.

“I don’t like what people are saying because Gabie Ntaate’s concert was a successful one. I don’t understand why people are trying to put her down saying she didn’t make it,”