Geosteady Back To helping Prima Kardashi After Mr. Henrie’s Exit

May 10, 2022
Prima Kardashi and Geosteady

Prima Kardashi and Geosteady

They say, never say never especially to people who have ever been in love and Geosteady is back in Prima’s life after Mr. Henrie’s exit.

Yesterday we a ran a story how Mr.Henrie allegedly dumped Prima Kardashi for a new young and educated bae.

Prima Kardashi with Mr.Henrie
Prima Kardashi with Mr.Henrie

Since falling in love with Prima, Mr.Henrie has been been under pressure from relatives, friends and critics to dump Prima who they accuse of being too old and lack manners.

The last time Prima posted Mr.Henrie on social media was in March. During the recent concluded Galaxy FM Beach carnival at Jahazi Pier, Munyonyo, Prima had her tent selling food but our snoops never at one point saw Mr.Henrie going there.

It is reported Mr.Henrie found new love and he is already planning to unveil her publicly.

Prima sells food daily at Miley Impala Hotel, Munyonyo under ‘Prima Lusaniya’. She is hosting a show dubbed ‘Prima Lusaniya Fest Season 2’ at Miley Impala Hotel on June 4 featuring Winnie Nwagi.

On the show poster, she snubbed Mr.Henrie and included his nemesis, DJ Nimrod. A sign she wants to hurt him.

In April, Prima succumbed to pressure and allowed Geosteady to meet his kids for the first time since they separated in October 2020.

Geosteady is back in her life and he is now helping her push her show. Today, he shared her poster on his social media handles with caption “Please Go Support Mama So, 04th June 2022”

Geosteady post
Geosteady post

It should be noted that Geosteady and Prima Kardashi produced two beautiful girls, Sorayah and Solange Williams Kigozi in their 6-year on and off relationship.

‘Owooma’ singer is dating Hindu Kay and we can’t tell whether he is planning to go back to Prima.

Now that Mr.Henrie is out of the way, we could see Geosteady visit Prima and and his kids at will. What follows, your guess is good as mine.

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