Haffy Powers Narrates How Sharp Guy Won A Bet And Wired Her | VIDEO

May 10, 2022
Haffy Powers

Haffy Powers

BBS TV presenter, Nabbanja Hasifa aka Haffy Powers is still cursing unidentified city guy who placed a bet with fellows and wired her.

During ‘Kasukaali’ show with Dianah Nabatanzi, Haffy revealed that at one time she was involved in a betting relationship which the guy won.

Haffy Powers

Before joining media, Haffy used to work in bars; Kabalagala and later Club Amnesia. During that time she was hot and we believe it was during Club Amnesia days that city lads placed a bet on her.

She told panelists that a guy approached her and pretended to be good. He provided anything a woman would dream of.

Haffy Powers with baby daddy, MC Esco

She fell in love not knowing the guy had placed a bet on her with other fellows. What hurt her most, is the fact that the guy never asked her for beans but instead took herself for the harvest.

After the harvest, the guy vanished in thin air, leaving her stranded. As she was nursing a broken heart, one guy told her, the guy had placed a bet on her.

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After hustles in bars and night clubs, Haffy Powers landed a gig on Galaxy FM to present a love show ‘Night Breeze’. She later joined Ntinda-based Radio 4 and now she is on BBS Terefayina.