No One Will Ever Be Like Sheebah! Nina Roz Calls Out Upcoming Artistes Copying Her

April 6, 2024


Singer Kakunda Rose also known as Nina Roz has called out upcoming artistes who compare themselves to Sheebah.

She said no one will ever be like her because she is very different and talented in her own way.

Sheebah is among the top female artistes in Uganda. Young musicians all want to be like her and have the energy she has.

But she has been attacked saying she is not that talented because she started her career as a dancer not an artiste.

According to Nina Roz, no one will ever replace Sheebah even if they work with her former management.

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She said they should appreciate her and give her the flowers that she deserves rather putting her down.

“No one will ever be like Sheebah even if people try to copy her. She is very talented and no one can ever place her in anyway,”