Mr. Henrie Dumps Prima Kardashi For Young Bae

May 9, 2022
Mr.Henrie and Prima Kardashi

Mr.Henrie and Prima Kardashi

Word from Munyonyo indicates that Henry Danson aka Mr. Henrie has reportedly dumped Prima Kardashi after almost two years of dating.

According to an insider, Mr. Henrie has been under pressure from relatives, friends and critics to dump Prima who they accuse of being too old for him and lack manners.

Mr.Henrie and Prima Kardashi

Prima parted ways with baby daddy, Geosteady in October 2020 after ‘Owooma’ hitmaker told her that he wanted peace of mind. In their 6-year on and off relationship, the pair produced two beautiful girls, Sorayah and Solange Williams Kigozi.

Prima Kardashi and Geosteady

Geosteady in his social media posts and interviews accused Prima of domestic violence. In an interview, NBS TV gossip monger, Kayz asked Prima as to whether she used to beat Geosteady. Prima replied “Ela bwe wesiluwaza nkusabula oluyi, bwe wesiluwaza nkuwa (When you act foolish I slap u, when u act like a fool I beat you up“. Her response flinched Mr. Henry and looked at her in shock.

The pressure has been too much on Mr. Henrie and finally he threw in a towel. It is reported he found new love and is already planning to unveil her publicly.

We have been told the new bae is young and well educated.

Those who know Prima’s showy lifestyle, she likes posting her bae but she lasted posted Mr. Henrie on social media in March.

We shall keep you posted.