Geosteady Replaces Prima Kardashi With Hindu Kay

Geosteady with new bae, Hindu Kay

Geosteady with new bae, Hindu Kay

Geosteady real name; Hassan Kigozi is swimming in slippery ‘thighland’ after landing a new bae, Hindu Kay (Instagram names) to replace runaway baby mama, Prima Ndagire aka Prima Kadarshi.

In October last year, Mama Lusaniya packed her belongings and left Geodsteady in cold bed after ‘Ndi Wamululu’ singer told her he wanted space.

The pair were in toxic relationship and our snoops told us that if it wasn’t for Prima’s money, Geosteady would have walked away longtime. It is alleged that Prima is the one who funded their introduction party in June 2019.

Geosteady and Prima Kardashi with their kids, Solea and Solange

During an interview with Kasuku in January this year, Geosteady revealed that he had lost love way back but decided to stay in toxic relationship because of their two daughters; Solea and Solange.

Weeks after parting ways with Geosteady, Prima Kardashi started hanging out with new Toy Boy, Henry Danson aka Mr Henrie who works with Kansanga-based local station, Galaxy FM.

Mr Henry with Prima

The pair have moved places bonking like adolescents. Following their trip in Dubai, the pair finally admitted that they are now now in a relationship.

Geosteady too, felt he has nothing to hide and finally showed off his new bae named Hindu Kay (Instagram names) who he calls ‘Hajjati’.

Yesterday he wished her a heartfelt birthday on Instagram, praised her for being humble and peaceful and told haters he doesn’t care what they say.

“Happy Birthday, Nugget! Thanks for being humble and peaceful. I don’t care what the world has to say but to make today at least half special as you’re. Happy Born Day Hajat wange”

Geosteady posted.

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