It Wasn’t The Pregnancy! Sheebah Reveals Why Her Tummy Was Swollen

March 28, 2024

Singer Sheebah Kalungi also known as Queen Sheebah has revealed why her tummy was very swollen.

She said it wasn’t a pregnancy that everyone was talking about on social media when the video went viral.

Sheebah is one of the few musicians that is not married and has no children. She only talked about having a family when she can in the future.

Fans have been wanting Sheebah to get pregnant and start a family. But she is so much into business and doing things when she feels it is the right time.

Last month a video of her with a big tummy made rounds on social media. Fans were quicj to say that she is very pregnant.

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According to the singer, she wasn’t pregnant at all but she had tummy problems. She said her stomach was bloated and she was on medication to feel better.

“I was bloated!” – Sheebah explains viral video showing her bulged tummy which led to pregnancy speculation