Sheebah Leaves Crysto Panda Pocketing After Rub-A-Dub Opportunity | VIDEO

May 2, 2022
Sheebah and Crysto Panda

Sheebah and Crysto Panda

Crysto Panda left Cricket Oval-Lugogo on Saturday night pocketing after Sheebah Karungi allowed him a rare opportunity for a rub-a-dub.

After performing their collabo, ‘Kyoyina Omanya’ remix at Fire Boy concert, Sheebah and crysto Panda went back stage and started cheering on other performers.

Sheebah and Crysto Panda performing at Fire Boy concert
Sheebah and Crysto Panda performing at Fire Boy concert

Fired up as ever, Sheebah kept on wiggling her waist as opportunistic Crysto Panda closed in on.

Finally he was allowed a rare opportunity by the Queen Karma for a rub-a-bub. His walking style changed after and must have rushed for a soap the moment he reached home.

Panda is lucky to have secured a collabo with the Queen Karma. All the upcoming artistes she gave an opportunity, became stars; Ykee Benda, Kabako, Fik Fameica, Pallaso among others.

Over the years, Sheebah has never showed off a boyfriend and always surrounds herself with girls.

Before Keko left for Canada, she always moved with Queen Karma. At one point it is alleged that Keko thumped her.

Since parting ways with Team No Sleep (TNS) boss, Jeff Kiwa in December 2021, Sheebah has dropped songs; Nkwata Bulungi (Bailamos), Mukama Yamba, Pim Pim FT Keene Roti and Leeta featuring Ruth Ngendo.

Sheebah and Ruth Ngendo
Sheebah and Ruth Ngendo

Her new manager, Dirisa is versatile and this has enabled her land lots of bookings in and outside the country unlike when she was still under showy, Jeff Kiwa.

She is now enjoying herself more than she did. Jeff never wanted her to move places as he wanted her to become rare.

The Queen karma has secured her future. In February 2020, the Queen Karma launched her own company, Sheebah Establishment Ltd. Under her company, she has launched several businesses; Holic pads, Red Terrace Bar and Red Events. Bought a yacht ‘Queen Karma’ cruise.

She also owns a mansion on Mulungu road, munyonyo.

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