Source Of Boiling War Between Ritah Kaggwa, Senga Acid Unearthed

May 3, 2022
Senaga Acid (L), Ritah Kaggwa (R)

Senaga Acid (L), Ritah Kaggwa (R)

Once best friends, Ritah Kaggwa and Senga Acid are now bickering, abusing and exposing each other’s dirty secrets after a fall out.

The war started when Ritah Kaggwa took to Snapchat and made claims that she helped Senga Acid leave china in 2013 and that she is the one who brought her an air ticket.

She also made claims that unidentified Hajji infected Senga Acid with ‘Mukenenya’.

Senga Acid

In a Facebook Live broadcast with Sweden-based blogger, Raymond Mutumba aka Peng Peng, Senga Acid revealed the source of beef between her and Ritah Kaggwa.

She said Ritah Kaggwa wanted to con Ugandans that she is taking them to Poland and exposed her.

But their beef started way back when Senga was denied by then white sponsor to take Rita’s herbal medicine from Uganda to the UK.

They stopped talking until when the white guy dumped Senga Acid and started dating another babe.

Ritah started badmouthing and trolling her. Senga also revealed Rita’s dirty secrets.

Ritah Kaggwa

She told Peng Peng that Ritah has 8 children from 10 dads and even fathered some with the late NUP fanatic, Sweet Pepsi.

Senga made claims that the late Gen. Kasirye Gwanga, Masembe of Bukedde munched Rita into pieces.

She also tried hard to eat Eddy Kenzo but the ‘Sitya Loss’ star jammed.

Ritah Kaggwa and Eddy Kenzo

She also disclosed that Rita Kaggwa was the reason as to why she fled Uganda. She fed toxic words to her possessive boyfriend, Dick who wanted to finish her off. Luckily enough, she fled to US and later to Canada where she secured citizenship within two weeks.

Senga told Peng Peng that while at Nkumba University, Rita ate PPU guys who gave her ‘Mukenenya’.

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