Winnie Wa Mummy Speaks About Her Relationship With Manager Mudra D Viral 

April 26, 2024

Singer and TikToker Winnie Wa Mummy has spoken about her relationship with her now manager a fellow singer Mudra D Viral.

She said it is strictly music and nothing more to that like people are thinking especially on social media.

 Mudra signed Winnie Wa Mummy after separating with Ava Peace. The two used to move with each other everywhere but after her getting into new manager it changed.

He was previously acting like her manager although he never said it in public that he is managing her.

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According to Winnie Wa Mummy, she is not with Mudra D Viral for any reasons. It is music and she doesn’t care about other artistes like Ava Peace.

The TikToker said it is not only about Mudra D Viral, she is just very lucky that men in the music industry have been very respectful to her and  her career.

None of them has ever asked for my beans and I am very happy about it.

“I’ve been lucky, there’s no male musician that has ever asked me for beans despite doing challenges for their songs on TikTok ,” Winnie Wa Mummy