Go And Advise Your Husband – Crysto Panda Stings Nosy Sheilah Gashumba

January 31, 2022
Sheilah Gashumba and Crysto Panda

Sheilah Gashumba and Crysto Panda

Last Thursday, media personalty and influencer, Sheilah Gashumba advised former NTV workmate, Crysto Panda to stop singing about trending slangs.

While on NBS ‘After 5’ show, she said that the remixes Panda releases are unnecessary as she gave an example of ‘Balumye’ which he recently dropped.

Panda did not take Sheila’s advise in good faith and he went hard by telling her to go and advise her husband (Rickman Manrick) during an interview on one of the local radio stations.

I think she signed Rickman as her artist, the best thing she can do is to divert the energy she’s putting on me to the artist she’s handling.  Why would someone be concerned about my music yet they don’t fund it?. Just mind about your business, if you are a TV presenter do your job, present the song and leave the rest to the people watching

Crysto Panda

Crysto Panda, a presenter at NTV ventured into music and decided to take the Mun G’s path by recording songs based on trending slangs.

He has since dropped songs like; Tuli Mu Struggle, Ki Uganda Kinyuma, Kyoyina Omanya, Bino (Ebiluma abayaye) among many others.

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