Sheebah Karungi Ventures Into Bar Business, Events Company | VIDEO

November 13, 2020


Team No Sleep (TNS) singer, Sheebah Karungi has ventured into business to supplement on her music income.

On Wednesday, Sheebah celebrated her 31st birthday in company of friends and officially launched her new businesses ventures.

In June this year, Sheebah launched a company ‘Sheebah Establishment LTD’ and since she has been setting up businesses to be run under.

At her birthday, the ‘Nkwatako’ singer officially launched Holic pads, Red Terrace and Red Events.

Holic pads are women sanitary pads and already on the market. Red Terrace is a bar and Red Events deals in decor for parties.

All these are located in Bunga.

“Today, I am also officially opening up my new venture, the Red Terrace and Red Events. Since am an entertainer, I always want to make and see people happy and enjoying life.The Red Terrace bar will always be open only up to curfew hours. For those who love to hangout can always pass by because we got good services, good food, and privacy. I have for always longed to go to hangout without much camera’s on me but finally, I now got one”, Sheebah said on her birthday.

Since joining manager Jeff Kiwa, Sheebah Karungi has merged as top brand and she is really making dimes.

On top of music success, Sheebah built a mansion in Munyonyo on Mulungu road and now she is venturing into business.

We wish her the best.