Is Ssangalyambogo Joshua Baraka’s Crush?

April 23, 2024

The princess of Buganda Katrina Ssangalyambogo over the weekend was seen dancing to Dalilah one of Joshua Baraka’s hits.

The princess was vibing with Joshua qàa
Baraka while pointing to the renown Ugandan DJ Etania who also happens to be Joshua Baraka’s girlfriend.

Joshua Baraka is a Ugandan musician whose blend of musician genre has made him exceptional. No wonder, even the princess enjoys his music.

Based on experience, it seems the Buganda princess enjoys music. A few weeks back, she was seem in the ordinary section of
Davido’s show having fun.

Here Are Reasons Why Joshua Baraka Is Dating Etania

Given her status in society, she wouldn’t be expected to associate with “ordinary people” but the princess has shown humility in the social media world.