Lwasa Reveals His Relationship With Zahara Totto

March 21, 2024
Zahara Totto

Zahara Totto

Masaka city tycoon and businessman Lwas Emmanuel has revealed his relationship with media personality Zahara Totto.

He said the two used to date but their relationship didn’t last that long like people expected it.

Zahara Totto is one of the media personalities that used to call out Lwasa for dating different ladies. People wondered why everything she said sounded as personal.

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According to Lwasa, Zahara Totto is just jealousy of her and what he is doing. Them not being together did hurt her so much but there was nothing to do about it.

He said there is no way they Zahara Totto would be mad at her for that long if there was nothing that happened.

“Me and Zahara Totto have a history she knows me so well we used to date. She knows I am speaking the truth and if I am lieing I will not be able to go to heaven. People just forget so fast that is the problem but she knows me more,” Lwasa said

It should be noted that Zahara Totto is a mother of five children and she is not married at the moment.