Mr. Henrie Apologises For Labelling Prima Kardashi ‘Tasteless’ | Medi More Warns; Vva Ku Nsolo Yange ‘Small Boy’ | VIDEO

August 22, 2022
Mr. Henrie and Prima (L), Prima and Medi Moore (R)

Mr. Henrie and Prima (L), Prima and Medi Moore (R)

Galaxy FM presenter, Arinaitwe Henry aka Mr. Henrie has succumbed to pressure and apologised to Prima Kardashi for labelling her ‘Tasteless’.

On Saturday, Mr. Henrie left revelers at Galaxy FM Zzina Sosh show at Hockey Grounds – Lugogo shaking their heads after saying ‘Abakazi Abeyelusa Twebawooma’ before asking the cheering party animals to name the person he was referring to. It was an obvious case, they chanted Prima Kardashi’s name.

Prima Kardashi with Henry

In June this year, Prima Kardashi linked up with a loaded South African socialite, Medi Moore in Dubai and partied 3-days non stop, leaving Mr. Henrie crying like a baby.

On return to Uganda, she mercilessly dumped him before erasing all his photos off her social media accounts.

Prima Kardashi with Medi Moore in Dubai

In an interview with Faridah Nakazibwe on ‘Mwasuze Mutya’ program, Prima said she left Mr. Henrie because he was too good for her.

Following months of silence, Mr. Henrie disclosed that Prima felt he was too good for her and that he couldn’t keep up.

But Henrie looks so bitter and stressed. He has been attacking Prima. After his remarks yesterday, Prima’s new bae, Medi Moore branded him a small boy.

“Radio presenter nga mudaawa nyo #SmallBoy”, Medi Moore posted.

During today’s program, Gossip queen, Florah questioned him as to why he had to make such a statement. Henrie defended himself claiming the statement was general and was not meant for Prima before apologising.

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