YALI TAWOOMA! Mr. Henrie Shames Prima Kardashi During Galaxy FM Show | VIDEO

August 21, 2022
Mr. Henrie with Prima Kardashi

Mr. Henrie with Prima Kardashi

The war between Prima Kardashi and Galaxy FM presenter, Arinaitwe Henry aka Henrie could soon become nasty.

Prima and Mr. Henrie started dating in November 2020, a month after Geosteady told Mama Lusaniya that he wanted peace of mind.

All was going well until June this year when she flew to Dubai to attend MC Richie’s Summer Festival. She linked up with South African-based socialite, Medi Moore and had fun non-stop.

On returning back to Uganda, she officially separated with Henrie and deleted all his photos from her social media pages.

In an interview with Spark TV, she disclosed that Mr. Henrie offered her a shoulder to cry on after she had separated with Geosteady. But, She had to leave him because he was too good for her.

Mr.Henrie and Prima Kardashi
Mr.Henrie and Prima Kardashi

After separation, Henrie went silent but finally this month he revealed why Prima used and and dumped him.

Mr. Henrie who lost weight because of stress, said he was too good for Prima and that she couldn’t keep up.

From the way Henrie talks, he looks bitter and stressed, a sign that he still loved Prima. He is now using his bitterness to attack her.

Recently he stung Mama Lusaniya during NBS TV show. Yesterday, he told revelers at Galaxy FM’s Zzina Sosh show at Hoceky Grounds – Lugogo that Prima ‘Yali Tawooma’.

As he did emceeing on stage with DJ Nimrod, Henrie told the crowd that ‘Abakazi abeyelusa tabawooma’, before asking the revelers to name the person he was referring to.

The cheering crowd replied ‘Prima’.

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