Kalifah Aganaga On Why Celebrities Get Scared Of Their Wives Going To Hospitals Meeting Male Doctors 

April 22, 2024

Singer Kalifah Aganaba has revealed reasons why celebrities get so scared when their wives tell them that they are going to to the hospitals to see Dictirs.

He said the whole problem is from Rema Namakula who disappointed Eddy Kenzo to get married to a doctor Dr Hamzah Ssebunya.

When Rema got married, there was so much rumor about her husband. People said she met him behind Eddy Kenzo’s back when she was pregnant with their first born.

The singer denied the allegations. She said Hamzah wasn’t their family doctors but people have had a hard time accepting it for some reason.

According to Aganaga, ever since then artistes have got more and more scared. They don’t want their wives to be out their meeting doctors as it may bring problem.

“Ffe abayimbi buli abakyaala baffe lwebagenda mu ddwaliro tuba ku bunkeenke nga tugamba ‘haaa agenda kusisinkana ba dokita. Bino byonna Dr Hamza Ssebunya yeyabireeta,”- Kalifah Aganaga.

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