Prima Kardashi Officially Ends Relationship With Mr. Henrie, Deletes All His Photos

July 10, 2022
Mr. Henrie with Prima Kardashi

Mr. Henrie with Prima Kardashi

Prima Kardashi has officially ended her relationship with Henry Danson aka Mr. Henrie by deleting all his photos from her Instagram account.

Prima and Mr. Henrie started dating towards the end of 2020 after Mama Lusaniya left the dad to her two beautiful girls, Geosteady.

To hurt Geosteady, Prima splashed cash on Mr.Henrie by taking him on holiday vacations, boat cruises, parties. They painted the city with love and at one point Prima told Geosteady that her girls got a new dad in Mr. Henrie.

Prima Kardashi and Mr. Henrie
Prima Kardashi and Mr. Henrie

Prima reached to the extent of denying Geosteady a chance to see his kids which sparked public backlash.

In May word made rounds that Mr. Henrie and Prima were no more. It is alleged that Mr. Henrie was on pressure from his family members to dump Prima and date his age mate.

The pair dismissed the talk and insisted they were still going strong.

Last month, Prima travelled to Dubai with Spice Diana, and a friend to attend MC Richie’s Summer Festival. During her stay in Dubai, she linked up with South African-socialite, Medi Moore forgot about Mr. Henrie.

Prima Kardashi with Medi Moore in Dubai
Prima Kardashi with Medi Moore in Dubai

Critics made conclusions that Medi Moore must have touched in her source. MC Richie ended the speculation and confirmed that Prima and Medi Moore were sleeping in the same hotel room.

He also said that he heard some sweet voices emanating from their room as passed in the hotel corridor. Since Prima jetted back into the country from Dubai, our snoops in Munyonyo intimated to us that they haven’t seen Mr. Henrie and Mama Lusaniya together.

Now she took her good time and deleted all Mr. Henrie’s photos from her Instagram and we can say it’s over between the pair.

Prima and baby daddy, Geosteady are in good terms and recently they threw a surprise 3rd birthday party for their baby girl, Solange.

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