Prima Kardashi Parties With Medi Moore Two Days Non-Stop As Mr Henrie Looks After Her Kids | VIDEO

June 25, 2022
Prima Kardashi and Medi Moore

Prima Kardashi and Medi Moore

Prima Kardashi is having the best time of her life in Dubai and she is partying with the self proclaimed Lion of Diaspora, Medi Moore.

Prima who left Geosteady and moved in with Galaxy FM presenter, Mr. Henrie, boarded a plane with a friend and Spice Diana and headed to Dubai for MC Richie’s summer festival.

Since jetting in Dubai, Prima has been partying with Medi Moore and the south African socialite shared videos and photos to prove his the one in the driving seat.

Prima Kardashi and Medi Moore

We can’t tell why Prima left her handbag, Mr. Henrie behind and went alone but, sometime back we told you stuff were not going smoothly between the pair.

We heard Mr. Henrie’s family were on his neck to dump Prima and get his age mate.

Now that she can party with Medi Moore publicly, we doubt if there is any left between her and Mr. Henrie.

Mr Henrie with Prima

For Prima, she has nothing to lose. She makes her money and already has two beautiful girls she produced with Geosteady.

Watch video below: