Sneaky Chap Films Experienced Guy Cultivating Thighland | VIDEO

August 24, 2022


If you are looking for experienced cameraman that can deliver in all possible ways, look no further! This guy has experience.

The guy managed to captured a harvest action film by zooming through a torn window curtain.

The harvester thought he was secure but a sneaky guy who learnt about the activity managed to get the whole action on tape.

In a clip, the harvester is seen buy harvesting in the thighland with unmatched skill.


Most guys like sneaking on people and if the case involves harvesting, out of 10 guys, 8 are likely to peep.

We can say August has not been a bad moth as far as feeding optical nutrition is concerned.

Bishop Stuart University student first dropped a blockbuster followed by the Kyambogo University students’ leader.

Then beautiful TikToker, Selina Mitchelle aka Life of Selina dropped massive video sending netizens into early Christmas celebrations.