MC Kats drags Alien Skin to Police

September 9, 2023

Media personality Katamba Edwin Famously known as MC Kats has sued singer Alien Skin.

He reported him to police after his men pulled MC Kats off stage when Alien Skin was perfoming at Geosteady’s concert yesterday at Hotel African.

Alien Skin has been having issues with next media workers ever since they pushed for Champion Gudo’s scholarship at Kampala parents.

It looks like he hated them and doesn’t want to work with them anywhere especially when concerts are involved

Last weekend one of Sanyuka television presenters Sandra Lian was also pulled off stage in the same manner at purple party concert in Fortportal.

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She didn’t do anything about it, she just laughed it and said she will deal with Alien Skin but she hasn’t taken any actions.

For MC Kats, he is not about to play any games as he immediately went and reported the case to police immediately after he was pushed off stage.

He reported two cases which include Cyber harrassment and defamation with assault.

Ugandans are all waiting to see what police will do about it because Alien Skin has been misbehaving and no action has been taken against him.