Don Zella Tired Of  Ugandans  Begging Her Money

May 8, 2024

Kampala socialite Don Zella has asked Ugandans to stop flocking her inbox and begging money from her.

She said she also has problems like any other person that need money that is usually asked from her.

Don Zella is in the United States Of America with her three children. She is a single mother who struggles for her children to get whatever they need.

However she has been living a social media life where she shows off everything the kids get especially the new phones and other expensive trips.

According to Don Zella, she is also struggling but she doesn’t post it on social media. She said she doesn’t have the money, jobs and white lovers.

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“Just because I don’t talk about my struggles with you doesn’t mean I don’t have any problems please ba dear stop coming in my inbox asking for money ,jobs  , Bazungu’s  bla bla please 🛑 we also have problems many issues we just don’t bring it here musabiliza nemusuka,”