No Justice For Jajja Iculi, Investigations End, Suspects Released

September 8, 2023
Jajja Iculi aka Isma Olaxess

Jajja Iculi aka Isma Olaxess

Jajja Iculi! Security agencies have concluded 4-months investigations into the murder of renowned vlogger, Ibrahim Tusubira aka Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi.

According to police ballistic experts, the pistol that was used to end the life of much loved Jajja, was not registered with any of the government and private security agencies.

Iculi was shot six times on May 6, 2023 near his rented home in Kyanja Central Zone, Nakawa Division.

Jajja Iculi’s Toyota Hiace after the shooting incident

According to reports, unknown gunman with MG riffle opened fire on the vehicle, Toyoya Hiance ‘Drone’ Registration number UBK 213D, killing Jajja Iculi who was seated in the passenger seat.

4 months of trying to connect the bullet casings collected from the murder scene, ballistic experts have concluded that the pistol is not connected to any of the previous prominent murders or fatal robberies. 

Majority of the recent murders have been linked by gun cartridges or suspects’ identities. But this one has no traces of previous murders or aggravated robberies. We are basically starting from scratch

Source told Observer
RIP: Jajja Iculi

Jajja’s death came four days after he recorded a video celebrating the murder of the minister of state for Labour, Col. Charles Okello Engola, who was shot to death by his bodyguard Pte Wilson Sabiiti. Engola was murdered on May 2 also in Kyanja.

We have been told that the 7 suspects earlier arrested in connection with Jajja’s murder have been released.

By the time of his death, Isma Olaxess aka Jajja Iculi was the president of Uganda Bloggers Association. Many media houses, journalists and content creators depended on him for content.

Rest in Power Jajja Nice!

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