MC Kapale Lands Zungu Grandma In The US | PHOTOS

September 5, 2023
MC Kapale with Zungu grandma

MC Kapale with Zungu grandma

MC Kapale, real name Bashir Kawuki Simon is finally in the US and has vowed never to return to dusty and potholed Kampala after landing Zungu grandma.

In February 2022, MC Kapale entered a deal with a one Nabasirye Shakirah to stage a fake introduction and wedding in bid to collect pledges from well-wishers and flee abroad.

Shakirah later pulled out of the deal and exposed Kapale. Shameless Kapale admitted and revealed he struck a deal with Shakira to get money from his friends.

Kapale said promoters were no longer booking him for comedy shows and felt his time was up in Uganda since he did not have any other profession to sustain his life.

Finally, God announced Kapale’s prayers and he is in the US. Since he is on the mission of no return, he hooked up a zungu grandma to secure papers as fast as possible.

MC Kapale with Zungu grandma

Today, Kapale who looked lovey-dovey, showed off his zungu grandma and you can tell that he is on mission to secure papers.

Most celebrities have run out of Uganda for greener pastures; Flavia Namulindwa, Isaac Kawalya aka Kaiyz, Ronald Mayinja, Karitas Kario, Ceaser Man, Mega Dee among others.