Cindy’s Hubby Prynce Recovers Sheebah’s Stolen Phone | VIDEO

September 10, 2023
Cindy and Prynce

Cindy and Prynce

Sheebah Karungi can breathe a thigh of relief after she secured her iPhone that was stolen while performing at the Arua City Carnival on Friday.

As the Queen Karma entertained revelers, she was told that her phone was nowhere to be seen. She pleaded with the revelers and promised to reward whoever brings it back.


Please bring back my phone. Whoever has my phone, bring it back here and I will give you something

Sheebah pleaded with revelers before ordering the deejay to continue with the show.

Cindy Sanyu’s husband Prynce Okuyo Atiku on Saturday managed to trace and recover Sheebah Karungi’s iPhone that had been snatched from the singer’s content creator on Friday night in Arua.

Cindy Sanyu’s husband who was born and raised in the West Nile then took it upon himself to help find Sheebah’s phone and by Saturday night, it had been located.

Despite not revealing exactly what it took to trace the phone, Okuyo noted that together with a team of locals, they managed to locate the phone and retrieve it from the thief.

He also revealed that the phone was then handed over to one of Sheebah’s managers identified as Jesse.

It should be noted that Sheebah and Cindy have a music battle at Kololo Airstrip on September 15. Some critics have come out to argue that this was a planned move to hype the battle since Sheebah labeled herself iPhone and branded her nemesis Cindy, Nokia.