Kabaya Shows Multi-Million Apartments, Takes A Swipe At Bucha Man | PHOTOS

May 20, 2022
Bucha Man (L), Kabaya (R)

Bucha Man (L), Kabaya (R)

Former Fire Base Crew singer, Kabaya of ‘Ayagala Mulaasi’ hit with Bobi Wine is putting final touches on his multi-mullion apartments.

Kabaya, the self proclaimed Ghetto president who has been battling with Mark Bugembe aka Bucha Man over the same position, bough a piece of land in Nakabugo Bbira – Bulenga on Mityana road 10 years ago.

Kabaya apartment (side view)
Apartment (front view)

He set up apartments with shops on the ground floor. On the same property, Kabaya rears chicken. Speaking with Lugya, Kabaya took a swipe at Bucha Man and challenged him to show his house too.

He told Lugya that calling yourself a Ghetto president, you must be having a permanent place of residence where the Ghetto people can find you.

Kabaya cruises Jeep

He revealed that during their time in Fire Base Crew, Bobi Wine used to pay them but Bucha was extravagant and wasted most of his money on women.

On why he stopped releasing music, the Ganja lover man said most artists with hits are living a struggling and he is doing better without music.

Watch the interview:

Despite being appointed presidential advisor on Ghetto Affairs, Bucha Man still rents. In October last year, Bucha was kicked out of the rental in Mankidye – Luwafu over failure to pay rent.

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