Bobi Wine Challenges Security Operatives To Arrest, Prosecute Bucha Man And His Goons For Torturing Rocky Giant | VIDEO

Today Ugandans woke up in shock after watching the Presidential Ghetto advisor, Mark Bugembe aka Bucha Man and his goons torturing legendary rapper, Rocky Giant.
Bucha and his goons are heard in the video asking Rocky Giant why was he calling himself the Ghetto President as they kicked, slapped, whipped and asked him to sit down.
They even powered water on the former PAM Award winner as the kids who were in the perimeter fence looked on.
Many Ugandans have condemned Bucha Man’s act and the embattled NUP president and former Ghetto president, Robert Kyagulanyi aka Bobi Wine challenged the security operatives on his Facebook page to arrest and prosecute the one-legged man.
“I saw this and felt so sad. Every right thinking Ugandan should condemn this impunity. If we had a functioning justice system, by now the people who appear in this video torturing Rapper #RockyGiant would all be under arrest awaiting prosecution.
But again, what will poor Rocky do when the crime is committed by a ‘Presidential advisor’?”
Watch video of Bucha man and his goons torture Rocky Giant