Nina Roz Accuses Daddy Andre Of Stealing Her Car, Opens Case At Police

May 20, 2022
Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

Singer, Nina Kankunda aka Nina Roz is accusing former husband, Ojambo Andrew aka Daddy Andre of stealing and selling her car.

According Kampala metropolitan police spokesman, Patrick Onyango, Nina Roz went with Daddy Andre to the car bond in 2020 and negotiated to buy a Toyota Mark X registration number, UBF 156C at 21m.

Nina Roz with Toyota Mark X

She paid 10m cash, signed an agreement as a buyer with Daddy Andre as a witness. Later she gave Daddy Andre balance to clear the car but instead the ‘Sikikukweka’ singer put the log book in his name.

Since they were madly in love, she never noticed. When they got misunderstandings, Daddy Andre sent his friend and picked the car that he was going to use it and she has never seen it again.

Waiting in vain, Nina went to police and reported a stolen car. The Police responded and arrested a car blocker who led the to a one Barnard who bought the car.

They found the card was changed from Daddy Andre’s name to Barnards. Patrick Onyango said they are going to talk to Daddy Andre and Nina and see how they go about the matter.

In September 2021, Andre accused Nina of stealing his TV and carpet from a rental they were sharing.

In October 2020, Daddy Andre accompanied by his relatives and friends, visited Nina Roz’ relatives in a scientific ceremony that took place in Kireka.

Daddy Andre and Nina Roz

This was six months after Angella Katatumba had dumped Andre after several babes accused him of eating them forcefully at his ‘Lero Tompona’ studios.

Almost a year together, the pair parted ways with Daddy Andre accusing Nina Roz of lying to him about quitting drugs and claims that she had not come for a relationship but calculated a move like Angella Katatumba did to revive her fading career.

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