Furious Land Lord Kicks Bucha Man Out Of Rental | VIDEO

October 21, 2021
Bucha Man

Bucha Man

Presidential adviser on Ghetto Affairs and Singer Mark Bugembe aka Bucha Man and family were thrown out of rental yesterday over unpaid rent arrears.

According to Mankidye – Luwafu LC1 defense, the landlord sold property and gave Bucha Man eviction notice and three free months to vacate but the self proclaimed Ghetto president refused to leave the house.

In the scuffle, he stayed in the house for another three months and was headed for 7th month which annoyed the new owner who asked the LC 1 defense to throw him out.

Before the defense got involved, Jajja Bucha ordered his ghetto boys and disciplined the local chairman who had come to evict him. Matters were resolved outside court.

Bucha Man with his wife, Mama Ghetto

Jajja Bucha was playing dirty games and defaulting on Shs.900000 monthly rent but finally he was kicked out.

The new land lord will have to cough big in renovating the house. Bucha Man had turned the residence into Ghetto headquarters and painted Rastafarian graffiti all over the walls.

Word has it that a friend offered him shelter as he looks for a new rental.

Bucha Man has always had issues with paying rent. He is also not a good neighbour due to Rastafarian beliefs.

At one point he was dragged to police for pouring neighbour’s meat.

Watch video below:


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