King Saha Complains To UMA, Discontent With Voting Process

May 20, 2022
King Saha

King Saha

Three days to the Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) elections, presidential contestant, Manisul Ssemanda aka King Saha has complained over the voting process.

Through his lawyers, Lukwago & Co. Advocates in a letter dated May 20, 2022, King Saha complained to the chairperson, UMA electoral Commission citing what he called unfair online voting.

UMA electoral commission chairman, Mr. Jeff Geoffrey Ekongo (L), Halima Namakula (R)

King Saha says to date, UMA;

(A) Has failed to vail him with the voters’ register.

(B) Failed to display the voter’ register for scrutiny, update and verification.

(C) No reason to conduct elections online and objects to online voting.

(D) Failed to conduct civic education for purposes of equipping candidates and voters with technical and basic knowlwdge regarding online voting.

(E) Failed to establish measures to ensure credibility of online polling or guarantee a free and fair election.

It should be noted that Uganda Musicians Association (UMA) electoral commission chairman, Mr. Jeff Geoffrey Ekongo confirmed that the public presidential debate will take place on May 21, 2022. The voting will be on the 23rd of the same month. 


King Saha is contesting against Cinderella Sanyu and Mutebi Ramathan aka Lord Bitemu on the post of president UMA.