Chagga Yaga, Henry Tigan Kick Out Showy Tuff B From Roots Band

January 27, 2023
Roots Band: L-R: Tuff B (L), Chagga (M) Henry Tigan (R)

Roots Band: L-R: Tuff B (L), Chagga (M) Henry Tigan (R)

Veteran artists, Henry Tony Kirumaganyi aka Henry Tigan and Geofrey Kyagambidwa aka Chagga have kicked showy NBS TV presenter, Robert Ssekidde aka Tuff B from Roots Band.

Realising that they could not compete with the new generation of artists, Chagga and Tigan teamed up and started Roots Band.

They have been performing at different hangout spots in town, playing live music and making money in the process.

Roots Band: L-R: Tuff B (L), Henry Tigan (M) Chagga (R)

Later, they were joined by struggling artist, Tuff B who came with lucrative offers from different hangout sports.

However, as time went on, Chagga and Tigan realised that Tuff B was getting a lot of money from bar owners but pay them little, yet they are the face of the band.

In an interview with Kasuku, Jenkins Mukasa said that Tuff was being paid 1.5m every time Roots Band perform at undisclosed bar but the NBS TV presenter, gives Chagga and Tigan 200k each.

This angered the the pair and kicked him out of the band.

We are yet to hear from Tigan and Chagga about this development because there is artwork advertising the trio for Valentines show at Lazio Bar and Restaurant in Kololo.

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