MC Kats attributes his success to God, says he is spiritual person

January 16, 2024
MC Kats holding the mic with DJ Roja and Mercy

MC Kats holding the mic with DJ Roja and Mercy

Media personality Katamba Edwin also known as MC Kats has attributed his success to God.

He said he is a very spiritual person and people who know him from the media can’t believe that every week he attends church with his family.

MC Kats is one of the legendaries in Ugandan music industry. He has helped different artistes get successful and at the same he has seen some of them fall.

His life in the media hasn’t been that smooth especially when he publically revealed that he is HIV positive. He said he went through so much stress and depression due to stigma.

But having grown up from a religious family, MC Kats said the only option he was remaining with was being closer to God.

MC Kats and Alien Skin burry the hatchet as they hug for the first time

Ever since then, he has been a very spiritual person and he believes everything he has good or bad is a blessing from God.

“I have seen myself become very successful from nothing to something. At the same time I have gone through a lot but I believe everything is a blessing from God. Everything happens for a reason and the fact that I am a very spiritual person I believe it,” MC Kats revealed