Under Fire Daniella Atim Apologises For Taunting Bettina Tianah

January 28, 2023
Daniella Atim (L) Bettinah Tianah (R)

Daniella Atim (L) Bettinah Tianah (R)

Under fire Daniella Atim, the wife to singer Jose Chameleone has apologised for taunting model, Bettinah Tianah.

Bettinah posted on her Instagram page that she really wanted to go to Europe for shopping so bad.

One of her followers replied, “Mukwano zili ensi basosola, olaba basosola mukazi mutabani wa queen gweyayasa olwo gwe owebbina elidugavu? I suggest you go to owino oba mukajja. Awo ojja kufuna emirembe”.

Daniella took a screenshot of the sarcastic comment and posted it on her Instagram page with a caption, “I swear it’s a full time job being a Ugandan, not for the faint hearted.”

Daniella Atim and Jose Chameleone

This angered Bettinah hit back at Daniella saying that her respect for her is no more.

Dear Daniella Atim the respect i had for you just got flashed down the drain. Nothing funny here at all. I expected you to condemn such behavior, the fact that it humours you to the extent of posting for your followers to laugh baffles me. Being black ain’t a crime

Bettinah Tianah

Netizens also blasted Daniella who has been claiming to be feminist to taunt a fellow woman.

Receiving from all ends, Daniella apologised to Bettinah.

Bettinah Tianah

Dear Bettina, I am sorry you feel insulted that I am having a light moment . You are definitely a beautiful woman and I was hoping you could loosen up a little and laugh at the comment directed at your original post like I did.

We can’t be serious all the time, can we? It’s ok to have a light moment and you too can have one. In any case I am a black Woman too and I love every black woman. Now let’s hawk that bizigo

Daniella Atim

Since Daniella relocated with her children to the US, she has been so nosy and vocal.

When Weasel Manizo thumped baby mama, Sandra Teta, Daniella teamed up with Bucha Man’s wife, Mama Ghetto and opened a case at police.

She also advised Teta to leave Weasel Manizo. It should also be noted that Daniella advised Weasel’s baby mama, Sandra Talia Katorogo to leave after ‘Bad man killa’ thumped her.

When a video of her husband, Jose Chameleone leaked while canning a Boda Boda rider who knocked his car, Daniella demanded justice for the rider.

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