How Chagga, Weasel Manizo Reconciled Following Deadly Feud

February 1, 2020

Geoffrey Kyagambidwa a.k.a Chagga Yaga and Douglas Mayanja commonly known as Weasel Manizo are back together after almost two years of beefing.

Chagga who used to manage the Good Lyfe (Radio & Weasel) bitterly fell out and exchanged toxic words with Weasel after the death of vocal superstar, Mowzey Radio.

Chagga labelled Weasel a lazy person revealing how he used to hustle to have him in studio to record songs.

Weasel also responded by branding Chagga a parasite.


Weasel and Chagga


L-R: Weasel, Spice Diana, Chagga with Weasel’s daughter

After almost two years of heated exchange, Chagga found peace in his heart and  forgave Weaseal and the pair are back to hanging out together.

Last week, Chagga and Weasel were at Neverland (The ate Mowzey Radio & Weasel house in Makindye) celebrating the late Radio’s birthday.

Chagga says he forgave Weasel because of the history they have together.

“I was once his vocal coach. I have been through lows and highs with him. I managed him. It was easy for me to forgive him,” he said.