WORK WALI! Vacist Releases Massive Videos | WATCH HERE

January 30, 2022


2022 has started with a big bang days after president Museveni announced the full opening of the economy following two years of lockdown.

The celebrations are in high gear as thirst party animals comb hangout spots around town to celebrate the being set free.

During the lock down, Ugandans adopted the new normal as boredom hit them hard. Vacists too, found themselves in the mix and due to lack of activity, they became addicted to their phones.

With a lot of boredom, one vacist decided to excite netizens by dropping massive fresh videos. She is fresh and everything looks intact from up to the southern hemisphere.


Some of the netizens who have had a chance take a good look at the vid are satisfied that the young boo has a good future.

We believe if the vid goes viral, she will be a superstar by the time she joins campus.