Students Tactically Eat Themselves As Others Mind Their Business | VIDEO

January 23, 2022


After a long wait, finally students returned back to school but this time around they came with new tricks and nothing can stop them from enjoying each other’s company.

Back in the days, students used to be shy and would even hide but nowadays, they are shameless and with or without others watching, they can still have fun.

In a viral vid making rounds on social media, students of unknown school can be seen in the class facing the opposite side as if waiting for the school nurse to attend to them while unruly couple busy entertaining themselves.


As students returned back to studies, the government ordered school not to suspend those who got pregnant in the Covid-19 lockdown.

But some schools have insisted that this will set a bad image and an example to the rest who will think it’s okey to do what they want.

Most districts especially in Eastern Uganda recorded the highest number of pregnant students and some are likely to drop out.