Two University Guys Chew Chips Seller In Chilling 1-2 Action | VIDEO

May 3, 2022
University students

University students

Business is back to normal after a month of fasting and two University guys have welcomed us back from a long break with a chilling 1-2 action.

As the name suggests, the holy month tends to be holy as most believers pray to God for forgiveness. Now that it’s over, people are back to normal lifestyle; partying among many other stuff.

Observation has it that due to inferiority complex and lack of enough money, some university guys fear approaching fellows and end up tapping lower class especially those in High School and community residents.

Today we managed to land on a chilling clip of two campus guys believed to be from Entebbe Road-based campus who managed to convince chips seller into a harvesting game.

In the video, one chap can be seen harvesting as he asks the chips seller, ‘Oguwulira baby?’, while another busy sharpening his hoe waiting to harvest too.


In the Ugandan education system, students normally enjoy life in High School and at Campus.

However, the campus students enjoy more since they are not restricted as they stay alone and manage their time according to the lecture time tables.

Welcome to May.