Winnie Nwagi finally speaks about her attack by fans

July 11, 2023

Winnie Nwagi

Swangz Avenue Winnie Nwagi has finally spoken about her attack by fans over the concluded weekend.

There have been videos on social media making rounds of Winnie Nwagi beating up some naughty fans.

This is after the fans tried to bad touch her as she was perfoming on stage. Having a nice body and dress in a way that reveals everything, fans from the opposite sex are always tempted to touch.

But Winnie Nwagi has been so clear that she doesn’t like fans who film her undies and also those that touch her body parts.

Although she has been punishing then by herself, this time around it didn’t work out for her. She beat up the Dan and others that had attended were not happy.

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They also started throwing bottles at her sending her off stage.

According to Winnie Nwagi, she is not going to tolerate such behavior because not every female musician wants to be touched.

She said she will always stand by her principal wether they throw bottles at her or do anything. After all she doesn’t perform from an uncomfortable environment.

“I don’t understand why fans think it is okay to touch a female musician. To me it is very disrespectful and I have talked about this several times. Wether fans throw bottles at me, I will always stand my ground and what I believe in” Winnie Nwagi