Zulitums applauds Sheilah Gashumba for helping him get where he is

July 10, 2023

Singer, song writer and producer Zulitums has appluauded media personality Sheilah Gashumba for helping him get where he is musically.

Zulitums was a song writer and producer before. He never used to sing not until 2021 when he decided to explore his talent.

Like any other upcoming musician, he obviously struggled to get on top of his game. He was even signed by the Nigerian record label that promised to push him.

Although they didn’t deliver, Zulitums still had to fight for his brand to stay relevant and make sure he gets on the right track.

According to the singer, leaving the production part and song writing to sing was very hard for him in terms of pushing.

He said he can’t forget Sheilah Gashumba because she is one of the people that pushed her and made it work.

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Sheilah Gashumba being one of the social media influencers, she gave him a platform and pushed his music which actually worked for him.

Zulitums revealed that he will be forever greatful to Sheilah Gashumba for making him be where he is at the moment.

“Sheilah C Gashumba is one of the few people that helped me get where I am. Being a musician is very hard not that everyone survives or even gets to the top. That’s why I am so greatful” – Zulitums