Zari the Bosslady to have daughter through surrogate with hubby Shakib

July 11, 2023

Business woman and socialite Zarinah Ttale also known as Zari the Bosslady has spoken about giving birth with her husband Shakib Lutaaya.

Shakib and Zari got married early this year in South Africa. They didn’t do any party for their Islamic wedding yet they are all good at partying.

Zari was so happy to have become a wife to a young man like Shakib because some women look for marriages but can’t get a chance like her.


Beautiful Zari is already in her 40s and has five children at the moment. It’s very clear that at that age women usually get into their menopause and fail to actually give birth.

However as a new wife to a young man, socialite Zari is ready to give birth and have a beautiful family with Shakib.

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In her recent interview, she revealed that they have been talking about children and as person that grew up in a big family, she always wanted 10 of them.

Despite the biological clock ticking, Zari the Bosslady revealed that she will try to get pregnant naturally and it it all fails, she is willing to use a surrogate.

All in all, she wants a child with Shakib and she knows they are going to have one specifically a baby girl.

“I have always wanted so many children like ten because I grew up in a very big family. Now that I am a wife, I am very determined to give birth for my husband. If we fail to get pregnant naturally I will use a surrogate but we need a baby girl,” Zari the Bosslady said