Winnie Nwagi warns fans about touching her thighs, says she is not a prostitute

June 5, 2023

Songstress Winnie Nwagi has warned her naughty fans about touching her thighs when she steps on stage to perform.

She said she will continue to kick them and throw away their phones until they learn that she deserves maximum respect.

In Uganda when the perfomance stages are rarely protecting an artiste from fans. Most of the times fans are near the musician and touching her.

But for Winnie Nwagi, she doesn’t like that and she has been so clear for some time that she doesn’t tolerate such behavior.

Although she dresses in skimpy outfits, she doesn’t want anyone to touch her and her dressing doesn’t excuse any of those actions.

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On Saturday, Winnie Nwagi was perfoming somewhere and a fan tried to film her private parts. She quickly kicked the fan and the phone that was recording.

When she was approached on social media why she did so, Winnie Nwagi revealed that she is not a Prostitute.

She said the reasons she gets on stage is to sing and she doesn’t understand how someone starts to record or touch her thighs as if she is selling herself.

“When you are coming to see Nwagi put some respect, don’t come here and start touching my thighs, I’m not a prostitute” – Winnie Nwagi