Who won the battle between Sheebah and Cindy? Hon Thomas Tayebwa gives results

September 16, 2023

The Deputy Speaker of Parliament Hon Thomas Tayebwa has given the results of who won the battle between Sheebah and Cindy.

The battle happened yesterday 15th September 2023 at Kololo airstrip grounds as thousanda of people attended.

It was strictly live music for both musicians although it has been clear that one of them may not be good at it.

Sheebah and Cindy did what was expected of them but like any other battle there is always a loser and a winner.

Fans were very excited on watching these musicians take on the stage and social media was on fire as fans of different musicians were taking sides.

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Sheebah danced to the fullest as she entertained her people while Cindy with her vocals did the singing and dancing as well.

Fans who were on ground enjoyed as they complained about a few things that were not in order for the big perfomances.

One of the things that were complained about most are the sounds, they said they were not clear and the mcees who almost faught on stage.


Deputy Speaker Thomas Tayebwa who was also in attendance appreciate everything that was going on and he gave the results of the winner at the end of the day.

He said there was no one, both of them did the best and that is why he couldn’t find who did the most.

“It’s a draw! @Ksheebah1 @IamCindySanyu @ReachDrMuganga,” Hon Thomas Tayebwa posted