Bad Black blames Sheebah’s failed vocal abilities on Jeff Kiwa’s witchcraft

September 16, 2023

Socialite and self proclaimed prostitute Bad Black has blamed Sheebah’s failed vocal abilities on former manager Jeff Kiwa’s witchcraft.

She said Sheebah’s has been singing so well, she doesn’t understand what happened when it came to the battle.

The battle was between Sheebah and Cindy and it happened at Kololo airstrip grounds yesterday 15th September 2023.

This battle has been long awaited but Sheebah’s former manager Jeff Kiwa had refused his artiste to take part in it as it would damage her career.

But after splitting up, Sheebah decided to do whatever she wants and the battle inclusive. When a chance came to her she took it on without hestitation.

So many fans showed up at the concert routing for their favorite musicians and Bad Black was supporting Sheebah saying they have a lot in common.

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The problem came in when it came to live music. We all know Sheebah couldn’t do more than Cindy and it happened in broad daylight.

As a strong fan, Bad Black didn’t blame anything on Sheebah. She Instead blamed Jeff Kiwa saying he might have bewitched Sheebah to lose her voice.

According to Bad Black, everything has. Ed okay but when Sheebah stepped on stage, everything was different and that’s not the usual her.

“Manyi mwa firika mwebasse naye tya nyo Jeff kiwa….. omusawo gwa genda ko mukabwe oba mu Nigeria…..koz omuzimu gwageze negukima edoboozi netutadiika kuwulira nga kwiini anyumya,” Bad Black posted